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After two years of scaling down, we need your support to bring back music in 2022.

As the pandemic hit the world, our focus shifted to survival: keeping our programs going, whether scaled down, hybrid, or online. This was vital, as music is a lifeline for many of our participants in places still suffering the wounds of war.

To give a small update on our work: our long-term music projects in the Balkans, Rwanda, and El Salvador continue successfully this year. We launched new projects in Jordan and Palestine in 2021, and are in the process of relaunching a refugee program with new partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

But we miss the moments of connection: the band camps, the training weeks, the community music sessions, the live concerts, the rap workshops in refugee camps…

We want to bring these back.

Now that we see more activities starting to return, we are working hard to make sure these programs can flourish in the coming year, providing support in communities where it’s really needed.

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