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Safeguarding and integrity


Safety is a guiding principle that steers our work with communities affected by war and armed conflict: to ensure a safe space for everyone who participates in our programs.

The safeguarding of our staff and program participants informs the daily operations of our organization. As we work on a daily basis with vulnerable children and adults who are in, or at risk of becoming involved, in abusive, exploitative, or dangerous situations, we are committed to safeguarding as a fundamental element of our organizational culture in order to protect the rights of our participants and to ensure their wellbeing.

At Musicians Without Borders, we ensure a culture of safeguarding through:

  • An appointed safeguarding team within the organization,
  • The implementation of a safeguarding policy and code of conduct,
  • Access to safeguarding resources and training for our staff, trainers and participants,
  • Assessment of our staff, trainers, and volunteers for suitability for working with children and vulnerable adults, through reference and background checks.


It’s our policy to conduct all of our work in an honest and accountable manner. We take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and are committed to acting professionally, fairly, and with integrity. Our anti-corruption policy and code of conduct promote honest and ethical behavior throughout the organization, and provide a mechanism to report unethical conduct.

Bullying and harassment

We are committed to fostering safe, supportive work environments where staff and volunteers can thrive and do their best work. We believe all personnel have a right to be protected from bullying and harassment of any kind.

This policy and the associated guidelines detail our commitment to safeguarding personnel, define what is expected of those working for us, and lay out our procedures for handling incidents or allegations of bullying and harassment.

Our bullying and harassment policy applies to all those working on behalf of Musicians Without Borders including salaried staff, freelancers, volunteers, work placements, our supervisory board, and local project staff employed by partner organizations. Partner organizations are required to sign up to this policy or provide an alternative that is based on the underlying principles and legal frameworks laid out in this document.

Code of conduct

Our staff, trainers, volunteers, associates and guests understand that we work with people who have experienced the traumatic effects of current or recent conflict. Musicians Without Borders maintains zero tolerance for abuse, harassment and discrimination within its work and subscribes to equal and fair treatment for all individuals. Our code of conduct provides guidance on what we expect of all individuals working on our behalf.

Report an integrity incident or concern

Musicians Without Borders strives to uphold the highest standards of integrity and safety in its work. We take concerns brought to our attention seriously.

Would you like to report a concern, incident, or violation of Musicians Without Borders’ policies or code of conduct? 

You can file a report with:

  • Musicians Without Borders management: this may be your line manager, the financial manager, the director, or a program manager. If you’re unsure whom to contact, please file your report with our Integrity Officer.
  • Our Integrity Officer, Ilaria Modugno. Please fill out this reporting form.
  • An external channel: if you would rather raise a concern or file a report through a confidential external channel, you can use this reporting form. Reports can be filed here anonymously if desired.  

Reports will be handled as quickly as possible. Where possible and appropriate, the person receiving your report will inform you of actions taken in response to the report.

Reports can be written in your own language and can be filed 365 days a year.

File a complaint

Do you have a complaint about Musicians Without Borders, any of our services, or your treatment by our personnel? Please fill out this complaints form.

We make every attempt to respond to complaints within ten working days.  

Feedback, comments, or questions about our policies?

We invite the feedback of our participants, supporters and stakeholders on the effectiveness of our efforts and practices. If you have any questions or comments in regards to our policies or integrity practices, you are welcome to contact us at [email protected].