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Article 27 of the Declaration of Human Rights states:

Everyone has the right to freely participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.

The ability to partake in one’s culture and a creatively rich lifestyle is crucial to expressing one’s identity. Too often those who have been displaced from their homes by conflict are also displaced from a sense of cultural identity.

art27 is a direct response to the culturally alienating effect of displacement, migration, and refugee situations. As a global platform it strives to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable people by championing art, creativity, and culture in all its multifaceted forms.

art27 is a platform for artists, arts educators and arts organizations working with refugees and asylum seekers in Europe and beyond. Bringing together partners from around the globe, the art27 platform aims to establish a network of solidarity and shared expertise.

The art27 mission

Human Rights Article 27 is central to the mission of art27. It operates through a belief that access to a cultural life is fundamental for the full inclusion and celebration of refugees, migrants, and other displaced persons. Art and creativity are not only healing practices, rather they are fundamental aspects of how we identify ourselves. art27 strives to foreground the importance of a rich culturally diverse society and champion those who use art and creativity to achieve it.

How do we work?

art27 collaborates with over 50 partner organizations around the world to share skills, ideas, and successes within the realm of cultural advocacy. Previous work has included hosting conferences and talk shows that have brought together initiatives and creatives and helped amplify the voices of projects in need.

art27 also produces ReSounding, a podcast featuring deep conversations with artists and activists about how they work in order to better understand how social change and culture intersect.

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