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Musicians Without Borders



25th Anniversary logo MWB

25 Years of Musicians Without Borders

This year it is our 25th year as a peacebuilding organization! On May 4th 1999,…
April 18, 2024

Guest Blog: Silkroad Ensemble presents Palestinian Lullabies

With the release of a new musical offering, "Palestinian Lullabies", we are pleased to share…
April 17, 2024

Director’s Blog: Make it Visible

Notes to self in the midst of a genocide. I remember my father talking about…
April 15, 2024

Program Launch: Kivu Youth Music

Today we are announcing the full launch of Kivu Youth Music as a partner program…
April 4, 2024

Guest Blog: Amelia Caesar-Homden on Working with Rwanda Youth Music

We work in Rwanda in partnership with WE-ACTx for Hope, to bring music workshops, lessons,…
March 13, 2024

Palestine, a Child’s Truth

Musicians Without Borders has been working in Palestine since 2021. Our Bara'em Ghirass program provides…
February 8, 2024

Welcome Notes NL: Stories from our workshops in asylum seeker centers

Our Welcome Notes Netherlands program exists to provide essential support to people living in refugee…
February 7, 2024

Human Rights Day: What We Can Do With Music

Since our founding in 1999, we have known that in every time, however horrendous, we…
December 10, 2023

Support the Power of Music

Today we launch our end-of-year campaign, which is always an important fundraising moment in the…
December 6, 2023

Project Launch in North Kivu, DRC: Music of the Landscape

Over the years at Musicians Without Borders, we have constantly seen how music, dance, and…
November 9, 2023

Our project in Palestine – Statement on the Impact of War

Musicians Without Borders collaborates with communities and musicians in conflict regions around the world, bringing…
October 19, 2023

Bara’em Ghirass: The Importance of Being There

This blog was written by Fabienne van Eck, Regional Manager of our programs in the…
October 4, 2023