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War divides, music connects. We have said it, believed it, and acted on it for almost 25 years. And over these years, we have seen the truth of these words: in so many young people, trained as teachers and empowered as leaders; in the joy of children, given a space to sing, play and dance; in men and women, partner organizations and musicians, taking the lead and creating new realities in their communities. Through music.

Our belief in the power of music seems more urgent now than ever. We watch in horror as Gaza is destroyed, hostages remain unaccounted for, and as the horrors of both antisemitism and Islamophobia proliferate. And also. Children in DRCongo are displaced, go hungry in refugee camps, violence flares again in Kosovo, reviving old antipathies, igniting new fears, children in European refugee camps—from Bosnia to the Netherlands—languish in unfamiliar places that shout at them “you are not welcome!”

Since our founding in 1999, we have known that in every time, however horrendous, we can act. As musicians, we bring a special gift, a unique contribution to countering violence, opposing hate, transforming hopelessness. We have learned that, however hopeless a situation may appear, there is always space to act, and our action is to bring music. 

We cannot solve all the horrors. But we can contribute to building the world that we all need so desperately: a world of connection, empathy and love, a world of music.

Help us reach our funding goals this year, so that we can be there for the people that need us.
In this world of rising conflict, we focus on what we can do with music. 

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Laura Hassler, Director

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