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Today we launch our end-of-year campaign, which is always an important fundraising moment in the year. But this year even more urgent, we ask our loyal supporters for help. In a time with rising conflicts and even more necessity in our project regions, our funding has not fully caught up with the needs. So we aim to raise 50,000 euros – or more – to reduce this gap. Any amount is welcome, to support our work in a sustainable way,

The central theme this month: Support the power of music

In this world of rising conflict, we focus on what we can do with music. 

Our work needs your support. Donate now!

Throughout 2023 our team have persevered and strived to overcome challenge after challenge, adapting and improvising to continue to provide amazing opportunities and support to our participants. In this world of rising conflict, we focus on what we can do with music.

We are proud to announce that we have special guests in the music world supporting our fundraising. The first supporter is Emily Beynon – principal flute at the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. She recorded her pledge for Musicians Without Borders, you can watch it here. Also harpist Remy van Kesteren shared this great supportive video and oud musician Jawa Manla shared her message to support our work as well. We are so grateful for these lovely words from our ambassadors in the music world!

The campaign period will run until the 31st of December and thanks to some generous supporters the all the donations this month will be doubled. So with any donation amount, you can double the impact of your support!

Our team has come up with some creative surprises to show our gratitude for your support. Do you want to receive a personal message from one of our team members? Or a special message recorded by one of our guest stars in the music world? Or would you like to attend our 25th anniversary event next year? Have a look at our campaign page and donate now.

>> The result was beyond our expectations… Not only did we reach our 50,000 goal, we surpassed it by far with a total raised amount of 65,875 Euro!

We sent the thank you messages and surprises to the donors in January 2024. Thank you to everyone who supported our work! <<

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