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In 2022, our program Al-Musiqa Tajm’ana (Music Brings Us Together), in collaboration with Caritas Jordan and Soka Gakkai continued to improve the lives of children and families across the country! Here’s just a few of our achievements:

– In 2022, we gave a total of 82 hours of training to 39 trainees. Eight of them followed the Music as Therapy Blended Learning Course in cooperation with Music as Therapy International.
– Our trainees gave 157 music workshops to 616 children all over Jordan, including two SOS Villages, a Safe House, a Juvenile Center and Caritas’ Child Friendly Safe Spaces.

– 56 of these workshops were Music as Therapy sessions for children with disabilities.

These numbers are not just statistics; behind each number is the smile of a child, the connection between a workshop leader and the workshop participants, and the joy of making music together, feeling hope and motivation to create a better life!

Here is a quote from one of our Music as Therapy trainees, celebrating the impact that these workshops have on children and families.

“I couldn’t express myself well in writing, but I really would like to tell you ‘thank you’. The program that you developed for the children, I actually enjoyed doing the activities! The children are very happy in the sessions, and that motivates me to make everything ready for them every Saturday.

I would also like to tell you, you can not imagine how much positive feedback I received from the families. The families are very happy. Instead of Saturday at 2.00 o’clock, they come early, and the children are making them crazy the day before, asking them again and again, ‘when are we going to the music?’ I taught them a welcoming song and a goodbye song, which we sing every session at the beginning and at the end. I wrote the goodbye song on a piece of paper and gave it to the children so they would remember it. The families told me that the children keep holding the paper and repeat the song at home. This really gives me a lot of support.”

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