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Throughout  are proud and excited to release three animated music videos created by the team at Rwanda Youth Music in collaboration with the Mercury Phoenix Trust and Shado Mag.
A year ago the Rwanda Youth Music team launched the “Animating Voices, Animating Youth” project. 
“If I could have chosen, I’d have chosen not to be born.
Tell me father, how am I going to live with HIV?”
“It was hard knowing my status.
It was crazy to think that I would accept who I am.”
Fear to Lose You
“Hey baby, what you gonna do? I’ve got a fear that I’m going to lose you.”
Tragically, around the world, stigma remains prevalent towards people living with HIV. These songs tell of the real hopes, fears and experiences of young people living with HIV. The brave words offer narratives of resilience, and seek to break down the stigma and prejudice that cost lives around the world.
This project was funded by the Mercury Phoenix Trust. The animated videos were developed in collaboration with Shado.

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