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In honor of Arab Deaf Awareness Week, we have a very special gift to share with you.

This music video about the deaf community living in Palestine, written and signed by those belonging to the deaf community.

The writers share their enthusiasm – Halimeh: “I’m so happy about the first song by the Deaf in Palestine! When I saw the final video, I started crying!” and Amineh: “I’m proud of myself because I’m deaf. Despite the deep sorrow of the painful realities, we will continue to challenge the difficulties to deliver our message to all.”

Halimeh, Amineh, and Abdullah share their authentic stories regarding the challenges they must face being deaf. Rap formation Palestine Street from Dheisheh refugee camp rap these original texts. Each verse drips with truth and fresh perspective. The video was produced by Tamara Abu Laban from Dheisheh refugee camp.

This masterpiece came to life through collaboration between the hearing and deaf communities in the West Bank. However, the collaboration was about more than simply producing a stellar music video; we want to produce continual solidarity between these communities.