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Front woman Marina (18) opens up about living out of her comfort zone, confronting the patriarchy, and her band, Feed D Fury.

Why ‘Feed D Fury’

Coming from a place culturally destroyed by war and an abundance of greed and a shortage of cash, our band was probably something nobody expected to see. We are Feed D Fury because we are furious at everything that surrounds us and pissed off by everything we see.

We are a team of two punk rock besties paired with two energy-loaded guys, who brought something unique to the table: attitude and perspective. We didn’t care about how we are perceived, we decided that being ourselves was the best option that there is.

What would you say your sound is like?

We all like a bunch of different bands and genres, and that’s why none of our songs sound the same: from danceable power pop and SKA, to garage punk and grunge, we bring a variety of sounds and melodies people seem to have forgotten about.

One moment you may find yourself dancing to a reggae tune and the very next you are headbanging to some serious hardcoreness. We want to show that this kind of music is not dead and does not deserve being forgotten and thrown away as a thing of the past. We want to show perspective and maybe even pave the way for future bands by showing that the point of music is to have fun and break the rules. The comfort zone is a boring place to be.

We are Feed D Fury, furious at everything that surrounds us and pissed off by everything we see.

There are not a lot of female led punk bands out there. What does being a woman in punk mean to you? 

I take my position seriously. I feel it’s my responsibility to raise people’s awareness about social issues – and that’s why my lyrics are so tongue-in-cheek and direct. ‘Awful’ is a song about a rape victim from my own family; we’ve used our music to not only tell the victim’s story, but to bring attention to the victim blaming that happens. We aren’t afraid to confront the patriarchy.

Of course, I also write songs that are fun, relatable and somewhat childish and random. ‘Loser’, is a song I wrote in about 15 minutes; it’s one of those goofy and fun punk rock tunes where I poke fun at myself and my habits.

Which one of your songs is your favorite?

If I had to pick my favorite song, it would be ‘Retard Girl’. The song’s lyrics talk about my primary school journey, which was filled with bullying and mistreatment.

If someone could take away one thing from listening to your music, what would it be?

I want my songs to be empowering and inspiring. Nothing makes me happier than being able to make people feel better through my art.

Feed D Fury is part of the Mitrovica Rock School. Their music can be heard here