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Edmon Baseel, a workshop leader for Palestine Community Music, traveled to The Netherlands to participate in our Training of Trainers. He is part of the Musical Playground team, giving workshops to thousands of Palestinian school children.

I went to the Netherlands to participate a six day training called ‘Training of Trainers’. It’s a nonviolence leadership training to lead musical activities. This course was very useful to my own work and it will improve my performance within my career as a music teacher. I can apply many of the leadership skills that I acquired from the training in my own field of work.

After the workshop was over I felt like I understood the work that I did back in Palestine more fully, and I was also introduced to many new ideas. Not just from the trainers, but also from all the amazing participants that brought their own stories and experiences with them from their different cultures.

These experiences and references will prove very helpful and empowering to my career. I’m planning to use my newfound experiences to better myself both intellectually and professionally. I believe it is also my responsibility to pass on my knowledge and all that I have learned to other music teachers to benefit my community.

It was refreshing to experience a different way of life, and what a difference it was! Aesthetically it was striking because I have never seen buildings as beautiful as the ones I saw in Holland. Not only that, but they hold a lot of history in them. Everything felt very organized as well, including transportation and facilities.

Thank you to STEP Beyond, Heath Ellis and all the private donors who made this possible!