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Four members of our Palestine team have been invited to perform in the BRAVE Festival in Poland. Theme of this year is ‘Outcasts’:

This is not a festival about works of art, but about people, who with the use of art, save forgotten and abandoned cultures. We show the courage of those, who see the greatest strength in their own otherness. At Brave Festival, these are people who are most important and what they try to say: who they are and why they try to save themselves.

Shafeeq (qanun and voice), Alber (percussion), Halimeh (sign language) and Mohamad (rap) created an exciting program together, combining traditional Palestinian music, rap and sign language. They will perform several times and give a workshop in community music, representing Musicians Without Borders.

Many thanks to the Palestinian musicians for creating such a special performance, to the BRAVE Festival for inviting us, and to the Polish Representative Office in Ramallah for assisting our artists in receiving their travel documents!