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How We Work

Music is an integral part of human nature. It has the potential to connect and bring people together. We use music as a tool to alleviate the disastrous effects and causes of war and mass violence, collaborating with organizations and change-makers globally so together we can:

  • Create long-term programs that respond to the true contexts and needs of people’s lives
  • Train musicians and community leaders to effect nonviolent change
  • Advocate for peace

On the ground, this can sound like rock music, Burundian drumming, rap music, a cello sonata, or a stick hitting the bottom of a bucket. It’s not up to us to decide what the music will sound like. Our role is to create access to music-making that is guided by our working principles of safety, inclusion, equality, creativity, and quality. This approach opens a musical space that enables people to communicate and share. It defines how we work.

Guiding Principles

Learn more about our core values and the 5 principles of our methodology.

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Community Music

Community music-making is based on working together to create music, giving each participant the opportunity to develop his/her own musical potential within the context of a supportive group environment.

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Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

Monitoring, evaluation, and learning protocols for all Musicians without Borders’ programs are informed by our Theory of Change.

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