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Read testimonials by our projects’ participants, endorsements by prominent people around the world, and meet our music ambassadors.

Mohammad Azmi Isamail Tayliakh
Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Palestine
Musicians without Borders was my port to all the hearts of deprived children and neglected ones. I can say that Musicians without Borders is the school that I would never wish to graduate from.
Jelena Zafirovic
This project is helping by encouraging young people from both sides of the bridge to look past their differences and connect via music.
Amanda Koser-Gillespie
Northern Ireland
I have been playing music for 28 years and teaching music for 15 years non-stop and I have formed a new and connective way of making music through the Musicians Without Borders training course. This course has not only provided an opportunity to network with like-minded people but has also shown me several ways to customize the way I teach music and the way I play music.
Blerta Kosova
This project is helping me and my community by being the only interactive space on both sides of the bridge with all the necessary components to enable young talents evolve into superstars, and by working together through all the difficult situations, into super humans!
Lotus Awawdah
Dura, South Hebron, Palestine
I am going to talk about music and what it did to me. The first time I heard about Musicians without Borders' training from a friend, I was in a bad shape because I had just lost my father. But when I started to attend the workshops it pulled me out of sadness and changed me into a new person.
Rehema Nizeyimana
Gisenyi, Rwanda
The music training by Musicians without Borders made the girls [the trainees] sharp. It has helped improve their standards of living. They made friendships with each other and they feel capable now to do things with their male colleagues.
Eric Nshimiyimana
Kigali, Rwanda
As a youth leader in the support program, when children come, we give them the skills we gained from the training of Musicians without Borders. This is a good thing that makes us proud, because what we are giving to them is a good thing that we received from others. If I see the children making music the same as I have shown them, it makes me feel strong and feel like I have a way forward.
Yona Msemo
Arusha, Tanzania
The first training of Musicians without Borders helped us a lot. We have been able to use some of the training materials we got to train the participants in the trainings we run for youth. We have also incorporated some songs in our training manuals here in our youth training centre. We are happy with the training and looking forward to getting more resources and tools which will help us in the future.
Ruth Mc Ginley
Northern Ireland
Taking part in Music Bridge is an uplifting and enriching experience. The wealth of knowledge and experience from Musicians without Borders trainers is first-class, and the delivery of the training programme is informative, engaging and fun... a life-changing opportunity!
Marisa Massery
Massachusetts, USA
During one of my first graduate classes at SIT in the field of Peace Studies, we were invited to imagine a social space where all parties' goals are met, as a way for transforming conflict. I have carried that concept with me throughout the year. The training that I received from Musicians without Borders was joyful and inspiring, and it is clear to me that the work they are doing, i.e., creating music, is contributing toward the formation of that social space that is necessary for transforming conflicts.