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Read testimonials by our projects’ participants, endorsements by prominent people around the world, and meet our music ambassadors.

Thích Nhất Hạnh
Speaker, writer and spiritual teacher, Vietnam / France
O sing,
sing aloud
so True Being may follow the Word.

Musicians without Borders sing aloud the song of peace. I applaud their work and ask you to support them however you can.
Eugene Skeef
Percussionist, composer, poet, educationalist and animateur, South Africa / UK
There is nothing that imbues the human soul with a greater sense of belonging than to be given the opportunity to express love. I have been graciously granted this honour by Musicians without Borders through their initiative of welcoming me into the arena of their most wonderful work. Their use of music to link individuals and communities with themselves, each other and the higher purpose of life’s attainment of peace, is commendable beyond measure. My gratitude is surpassed only by the undiminished love I feel towards you, my beautiful sisters and brothers.
Samantha Stollenwerck
Musician, traveler, photographer, and philanthropist, US
I support Musicians without Borders because I believe in the healing power of music. It is said that music is the universal language; there is a natural connective between people through rhythm and a simple melody that can be more powerful than words. MWB’s work is so important because it goes into conflict areas where voices have been oppressed, and gives a song to the voiceless. It can’t really get more inspiring than that.
Sister Chân Không
Buddhist nun and peace activist, Vietnam / France
During the Vietnam war, our teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, I and many friends in the Buddhist Peace Delegation in Paris worked closely with Alfred Hassler for peace in our country and in the world. Laura Hassler now continues the work of her father in her own way, through Musicians without Borders. With music, she and her many musician colleagues work to remove barriers from the hearts of those who are still caught in division, pain and hatred. I gladly add my name to those who support the mission and work of Musicians without Borders.
Yassin Algero
Singer, composer, and music producer, Algeria / US
As a North African, international singer and songwriter I seek my inspiration from the people of the world that we live in. My music is for them, and I see no borders, obstacles, or division between us. All I see are possibilities to bring peace, healing love, and hope to those who need it most. Musicians Without Borders is a tremendous organization who helps to create this everyday for everyone with their mission and inspire change towards a more beautiful future.
Gil Semedo
Singer-songwriter, Cape Verde / The Netherlands
It is said that music is nothing but entertainment to the ear. In a world that is shaped by conflict and torn by war, hope and healing are more important than ever. Musicians without Borders’ continuous efforts to bring healing to those places where it is needed most, shows the incredible power and potential of music: how it can help overcome traumas, how it can unite people, how it can bring hope in the darkest of situations. Rather than jumping the bandwagon, Musicians without Borders stays put and invests in long-term solutions to long-running conflicts; bridging divides and connecting communities in a way that is both sustainable and effective. They truly are a beacon of light and I can only hope that people all over the world will get inspired to follow their example. I fully support Musicians without Borders in their work and I ask everyone to do the same.
Diane Lemieux
Author, Canada / Nigeria
I choose to support Musicians without Borders over all other international NGOs because I’ve seen the impact of their work: they achieve miracles through the simple, universally human love of music. Thank you for your dedication to vulnerable children in sensitive hotspots around the world.
Merima Ključo
Concert accordionist, Bosnia-Herzegovina / US
Imagine a world without borders, a world where we don't hide behind our false, imaginary, made-up nationalities, races and identities.
I dream of such a world. A world of only one race, nation and citizenship - the human one.
Musicians without Borders teaches us that such a world is not only necessary but also possible if we unite the rhythm and the melody of our heart beats that connect us all.
Damir Imamović
Singer, composer and performer, Bosnia-Herzegovina
I sing Sevdah, the music that expresses the heart of this region and its history that has linked the destinies of many peoples. And I am a citizen, hoping for a better world, open societies and a culture of nonviolence in the Balkans and around the world. Musicians without Borders shares these values, and as a musician, I proudly add my voice to support their work around the world.