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Read testimonials by our projects’ participants, endorsements by prominent people around the world, and meet our music ambassadors.


"I know like no other how music can move people and therefore I find the work Musicians without Borders do extremely important." - Eva-Maria Westbroek

Musicians without Borders’ ambassadors actively help us to increase our visibility and outreach. They organize benefit events, talk about our work in interviews and social media, and visit our programs.

Our Ambassadors
Eva-Maria Westbroek
I would like to help Musicians without Borders increase their visibility; I know like no other how music can move people and therefore I find the work these musicians do extremely important. In the future I will visit the projects of Musicians without Borders, perform at (benefit) concerts and hopefully share my own experience in masterclasses.
Shura Lipovsky
Singer, Songwriter and Storyteller
In a world of polarization and escalating conflicts, Musicians Without Borders plays a unique, harmonizing role. MwB works with people suffering from the effects of war, inspiring them to raise their voices to meet other voices within a creative proces of joy and play. The person who is given the chance to transform powerlessness and dehumanization into creativity, experiences his/ her own worth and right to exist. I believe that this is the first and most essential need of every human being. 'Harmony’ is thus a 'verb of peace' for every individual and the world as a whole.
Helen Botman
For years, I have been an ambassador for Musicians without Borders, an organization that uses the power of music to heal war traumas, create connections and bridge divides in conflict regions.
Matthew Wadsworth
Lute Virtuoso
Music is the richest and most powerful medium I know when it comes to reaching people, both emotionally and spiritually. It transcends nationality, race, class, and any other man-made obstacles which so often divide our fellow human beings. The work that Musicians without Borders is doing to help people affected by war and conflict, both at home and abroad is absolutely invaluable. I'm honored to be working with Musicians without Borders, and I encourage you to take a look at what they are doing and get involved in any way you can.
Fearless Rose
Vocal Ensemble
In our personal and combined musical journeys, we experience the power of singing to give voice to all that connects people: love, loss, grief, joy, work, fun and the simple desire to live in peace. We come together to raise our collective voice on behalf of Musicians without Borders, to support its work for a just and peaceful world through music.