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Using music to bridge divides, connect communities,
and heal the wounds of war and conflict.

We offer one-day to multi-week tailored training courses and workshops in community music for musicians, arts and community organizations, businesses, conferences, and universities. Contact for more information.

Examples of training sessions and workshops that we offer:

Singing and Leadership
The singing voice is the most accessible instrument as a tool to establish good leadership and a safe environment. In this workshop, participants will be led through various singing exercises to experience the connection between strong leadership and command of the voice. The trainer will use songs and vocal games in order to demonstrate different aspects of leadership: inclusion, non-verbal communication, creating a safe environment, playfulness, charisma, and non-judgement.

Percussion for Inclusion
During this session, participants will engage in (hand) drumming and body percussion activities in order to examine the core value of inclusion in a workshop. Participants will be led through drum circle activities, involving conducting and non-verbal leadership, in which they will experience the process of creating a safe environment for participants of various backgrounds.

Motive for Motion
In this workshop, participants will explore the connection between movement and music in workshop settings. Movement can be used to stimulate musical development, reduce stress, and increase energy, strength, attention and self-esteem. This session will focus on a specific approach to movement called dance expression, which teaches (children) how to shape their own personal body language for self-expression.

Group Songwriting
Songwriting is a powerful tool in community music that creates a strong sense of ownership for the group. In this workshop, participants will experience the creative process of collective songwriting, exploring inclusive approaches to creating music and lyrics together.

Nonviolence and Music
This session will explore the relationship between music and Nonviolence as featured in Musicians without Borders’ work. Trainees will gain a basic understanding of Nonviolence and its connection to MwB’s work as a tool for social change. The session will also offer some tools and resources for further exploration.

Composing Communities
Composing communities is an approach developed by composer Keren Rosenbaum. It is a creative process where we use a certain mindset to compose a large-scale event for any number of participants. The event itself is called an Active Listening Playground (ALP). In this workshop, participants will learn how to create an event that takes multiple inputs into account (ie. timeframe, location, number and age of participants, weather, routes, etc.), resulting a final composition, which is the event itself. The composition is total: from the beginning of the event to its end, and will have a graphic score to represent the flow.