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Using music to bridge divides, connect communities,
and heal the wounds of war and conflict.

We train musicians with experience in community work and/or social activism who are interested in expanding their skills based on our working principles developed from years of working in current and post-conflict regions.

We offer an annual 6-day Training of Trainers in The Netherlands, focusing on training musicians to use music for social change and peace-building.

In partnership with various organizations and academic institutes we also offer advanced training that cover various aspects of our community music training curriculum.

To learn more about the goals and content of our training, please refer to our FAQ page.

Read testimonials from past training participants.

Upcoming Training

Musicians are invited to join our upcoming Welcome Notes training in the Netherlands. This 4 day training prepares participants to use music as a tool to support refugees and asylum seekers.

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Musicians without Borders invites applications from interested individuals and organizations about our advanced training program.

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This training has been developed for musicians and music pedagogues from all cultural backgrounds who wish to increase their ability to work towards the social inclusion of refugees and migrants, specific to the German context.

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