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Using music to bridge divides, connect communities,
and heal the wounds of war and conflict.

January 13-14 and February 3-4, 2018

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Our Welcome Notes Training prepares participants to use music as a tool to support refugees and asylum seekers.

This 4 day training (2 weekends) will help musicians strengthen their skills in leading community music workshops and music projects in refugee centers and communities that foster empathic connections between people within an inclusive and safe environment. Participants will be introduced to the methodology behind our community music training program. They will be led through a variety of musical activities focused on developing leadership skills while exploring concepts related to creativity, improvisation, and non-violence. Join us to experience, share and learn about the power of music to bring comfort, connection and hope.

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Registration fee:

€ 300 (includes training fee, material, drinks, snacks and lunch)