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Training: Terms & Conditions

Application Process: All applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and applicants are notified of their status via the email address provided on their application form.

Registration & Payment: All accepted applicants must complete an online registration form and pay the total registration fee as posted on our website and application form in order to secure their place in a training.

Cancellation: Fees are refundable with a scaled refund policy corresponding to the date of cancellation, minus a 15 euro administrative fee.

• 100% fees refundable up to four months prior to training start date.
• 85% of fees refundable up to three months prior to training start date.
• 65% of fees refundable up to two months prior to training start date.
• 40% of fees refundable up to one month prior to training start date.
• 15% of fees refundable up to two weeks prior to training start date, with no refunds possible after this date.

Terms of Participation:
• Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to/from the training.
• Participation in all training days is required.
• Upon completion of the training course, participants will be issued a certificate of participation. This certificate is issued for the purpose of verifying participation in a Musicians Without Borders training course. It does not certify the participant as a workshop leader or trainer for Musicians Without Borders.

Personal Behavior
We ask that our trainees agree to behave with care and sensitivity, to refrain from inappropriate behavior, and to comport themselves according to the following guidelines. As this is a professional training, we ask trainees to act accordingly, including:
• No use of drugs under any circumstances;
• Alcohol in moderation, when appropriate – no drunkenness, under any circumstances;
• Be aware of the training venue’s house rules, and respect them.

Respecting Different Cultures and Values, Privacy of Participants
• When interacting with people from other cultures, as a general rule, be modest about your knowledge, listen and learn.
• Do not inquire into people’s personal lives or histories, unless they themselves open the subject.
• Be aware that discussion topics about politics, religion, sex or personal relationships are usually the most volatile subjects and frequently extremely sensitive.
• Be aware of different social customs regarding contact (e.g. between men and women) in the public space.
• To protect the privacy and safety of our participants, please do not post any photos or videos on social media unless approved by the subjects of the photos/videos and Musicians Without Borders staff.
• Any personal information shared by other trainees or staff during the training should be treated with strict confidentiality. If it is unclear whether a certain matter should be treated as confidential, please err on the side of caution and seek counsel from MWB.

• Participants must have valid health/travel insurance for the duration of the training and therefore waive any claim against Musicians without Borders or the training venue.
• Musicians Without Borders and the training venue cannot be held responsible for damage to or theft of belongings of guests. The costs for repairing damage to the property of the training venue will be charged to the person or persons causing the damage.

We are grateful for your participation in our training. However, please bear in mind:
• You are not authorized to speak on behalf of Musicians Without Borders, represent the organization, make promises or suggestions or take or defend positions on MWB’s behalf.
• If approached by the press, please do not give interviews, but rather refer them to an MWB project manager, regional representative or director.
• Please refer others to project managers, regional representatives or the director for questions about partnerships, information and guidelines about our projects, or any other questions about MWB and its work.
• All intellectual property rights, rights of use and any other rights relating to works created in the context of the training will be vested in MwB. This explicitly includes Musicians Without Borders’ logo as well as any other material related to the visibility of the training such as photo, video and audio material.

Any breach of these Terms and Conditions can result in one or more of the following actions taken by the relevant project manager, regional representative or the director: a warning; an immediate termination of your participation in our training program without refund of your training fees; the decision by MWB not to invite you to participate in our training programs in the future. Any extra costs involved (e.g. earlier return flights, lodgings, etc.) will be your own responsibility and not covered by MWB.