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We just concluded our latest Welcome Notes training in Amsterdam, with a new group of musicians and music teachers who wish to use music as a tool to support and connect with refugee communities.

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In June, we ran a five-day Advanced Community Music Training in partnership with the Landesmusikakademie NRW, training local musicians to work with refugees and asylum seekers across Germany. More info: http://mwb.to/training

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March 25, 2017
March 25, 2017

This weekend, we began a new training for 30 musicians in Italy in partnership with MUSICIANS for HUMAN RIGHTS with the aim to develop inclusive music programs in local refugee centers.

This training is inspired by our Welcome Notes program, using music to support the inclusion of refugees and migrants throughout Europe.

Read more about the program: http://mwb.to/italy

#MusicConnects http://mwb.ngo

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This past weekend, we trained over 20 musicians from the UK, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands as part of our Welcome Notes project, using music to connect with refugee communities across Europe. https://www.musicianswithoutborders.org/2017/02/welcome-notes-in-the-spring-house/

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