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Using music to bridge divides, connect communities,
and heal the wounds of war and conflict.

As refugees arrive in increasing numbers in the Netherlands, Musicians without Borders is building a program of support and solidarity. Our trainers and workshop leaders use the power of music to engage people living in emergency reception centers, building trust and connection among refugees, as well as with the local communities in which they are now located. The project in the Netherlands is a first step in a wider program to create connections between local musicians and refugees throughout Europe.


  • bring hope and comfort to those who have been driven from their homes by war;
  • build bridges and create solidarity in European communities;
  • provide a safe, fun, and supportive space for artistic expression and cultural exchange.
Music Workshops

"I stand amazed at the skill of the Musicians without Borders team and the power of their music."•• Anne-Marie Ursem, coordinator, emergency refugee reception center, Schagen, The Netherlands

Musicians without Borders offers music workshops to refugees in emergency reception centers. These workshops are designed for both children and adults, helping to relieve stress and to build community through group drumming, singing and movement activities. Read a personal account of one of our workshops here

Training for Musicians

We offer training for musicians who want to learn how to use music as a tool to support refugee children and adults. This training has been specially adapted from our advanced training course and will include supervised practical work at emergency reception centers. With this training, we offer musicians the necessary skills to lead music workshops for refugees in Dutch communities.

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