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Our deaf music workshop Halimeh traveled to The Netherlands to participate in Musicians without Borders’ Training of Trainers.

June 26, 2017
June 26, 2017

In April and May our local team of Palestinian musicians worked together with Dutch musicians to perform ‘Fe Beit Fe Holanda’ (In Holland is a House) for 1340 children in Palestine.

In November 2015, Musicians without Borders organized a rap workshop leader training for Palestinian rappers. After an incredible training week with Dutch rappers and spoken word artists Manu and Guus (Kern Koppen), the five Palestinian rappers Abed, Mohammad A., Nadim, Mohammad G. and Ahmad organized several series of rap workshops for children in their communities.

Watch the video clip Soud Homaidi made of the song written by blind children from al-Shurouq School. The song is recorded in our music studio in Dheisheh refugee camp and is the result of a series of ten rap workshops given by Musicians without Borders’ rap workshop leaders.

December 11, 2014
December 11, 2014

In November and December, four grades from the Ephpheta Paul VI Institute received a series of ten rap music workshops from Musicians without Borders rap workshop leaders Mohammad, Soud and Hisham. The kids are deaf, but that didn’t keep them from making music, rapping and writing words for their own songs!

Halimeh Sarabtah is deaf, but that didn’t stop her from realizing her dream and study special education, so she can help children with special needs, blind and deaf. And now, also with music. Halimeh followed the Music Workshop Leadership training of Musicians without Borders and Holy Land Trust in Palestine which allowed her to incorporate music into her work.

Halimeh is one of the 90 young people trained by Musicians without Borders as community music workshop leader in Palestine, where we now bring music to more than 5000 marginalized children. She is especially gifted in working with children with special needs. Since Halimeh finished our training, she has been working daily with children and adults with special needs, giving workshops in art and music. Halimeh is deaf. By joining Musicians without Borders, she has not only enriched our work with ‘special children’; she has also opened the door to other hearing-impaired Palestinian youth to use music to break out of isolation and raise their voices for human rights.

We believe in the empowering quality of the joyful, contagious rhythms inherent to samba music fused with Middle Eastern beats. Watch this video testimony of Mark Rietema, our previous samba trainer from the Spring of 2013.