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After our Musical Playground in the Girls School of Beit Fajjar, another school in the same village heard about the program and invited us.

October and November have been two exciting months for our special music program in Palestine: Halimeh Sarabtah Deaf, our deaf music workshop leader, participated in the Training of Trainers in The Netherlands, started working in three new centers, and gave 81 music workshops to deaf children and children with special needs.

Enjoy the pictures from our music workshops in November with 283 Palestinian girls from the public school Wafa’ in Beit Fajjar!

Last weeks we gave workshops and a Musical Playground performance for the 207 children from the public school in Shawawreh village, Palestine. As you can see in the pictures, the children live next to the desert, and don’t have much – or no – access to music activities.

Our deaf workshop leader Halimeh Sarabtah Deaf continues her beautiful work in Palestine. Before the summer, we gave her several big drums to use with deaf children.

September 12, 2017
September 12, 2017

In September we welcomed music therapists Alexia Quin and Elizabeth Coombes from our partners Music as Therapy International. For two intensive days, six new trainees (one via video) practiced Music as Therapy skills such as observing, listening, developing and improvising.

In April and May, we worked with 1236 children from Harmalah, Al-Khas and Nu’eman, Dar Salah, Dheisheh, Aida and al-Azzeh refugee camp, Beit Sahour and Azariyeh (Jeel al Amal Orphanage and school).

Today our team in Palestine performed together with Dutch musicians in the show: Fe Beit Fe Holanda (in Holland is a House). 210 children from our partners Sounds of Palestine from Dheisheh, Aida and al-Azzeh refgee camp and Dar Salah village participated and watched the performance, as well as 40 children form the neighborhood.