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Using music to bridge divides, connect communities,
and heal the wounds of war and conflict.
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Our deaf workshop leader Halimeh Sarabtah Deaf continues her beautiful work in Palestine. Before the summer, we gave her several big drums to use with deaf children.

Our partner, Sounds of Palestine, is looking for someone to help bring two violins from Colorado to Amsterdam sometime in the next month. If you know someone who can help, please contact: info@soundsofpalestine.org

In September we welcomed the music therapists Alexia Quinn and Elizabeth Coombes from our partner Music as Therapy International for an intensive training in Music as Therapy.

September 12, 2017
September 12, 2017

In September we welcomed music therapists Alexia Quin and Elizabeth Coombes from our partners Music as Therapy International. For two intensive days, six new trainees (one via video) practiced Music as Therapy skills such as observing, listening, developing and improvising.

104 children, three weeks, three choirs, three orchestras, two performances: it was a busy August for our partners Sounds of Palestine!

We would like to share with you a short update on our Palestine Community Music activities from January-July 2017.

June 26, 2017
June 26, 2017

In April and May our local team of Palestinian musicians worked together with Dutch musicians to perform ‘Fe Beit Fe Holanda’ (In Holland is a House) for 1340 children in Palestine.

Since January 2017, our deaf workshop leader Halimeh has given more than 100 music workshops to deaf children and children with special needs.

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