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PLACE Northern Ireland
ESTABLISHED September 2014

Music Bridge is a multi-year collaborative project to create sustainable community music programs within Northern Ireland’s divided communities.


Music Bridge employs the expertise of Musicians without Borders in partnership with Culturlann Uí Chanáin, a pioneer in bringing a multi-ethnic approach to the exploration of arts and culture in the city of Derry-Londonderry.

This collaborative project will train community music professionals, local musicians and community organizations in using music to contribute to reconciliation and bridge building across the political and social boundaries that history has created in Northern Ireland.

Music Bridge

The goal of Music Bridge is to create sustainable community music programs contributing to reconciliation, community building and healing for people throughout Derry-Londonderry.

Musicians without Borders will conduct music workshop leadership trainings for community workers and musicians interested in developing meaningful projects in their communities with a focus on children and youth from fragile environments.

As a result, participants will be able to organize and implement community music activities with children, aimed at strengthening children’s self-identity, building community, and contributing to the development of their creative potential. The trainees will acquire a variety of musical skills as well as gain an understanding of group leadership, principles of nonviolence and basic trauma awareness. Ultimately, the project aims to establish successful working models of community music programs that can gradually be implemented throughout Northern Ireland.