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The Mitrovica Rock School provides a neutral platform for youth from both sides of ethnically divided Mitrovica to meet as young musicians and aspiring rock stars. The Rock School provides daily lessons and band coaching sessions and connects youth through weekly inter-ethnic workshops and its program for ethnically mixed bands. Over 1000 youth have attended the Mitrovica Rock School since we started in 2008.

Ethnically mixed bands

At the Rock School, students of all levels form ethnically mixed bands. The bands write their own songs receive professional band coaching during training weeks that take place on both sides of Mitrovica. The Rock School has had 18 ethnically mixed bands, a number that grows every year. Since 2016, the bands have been rehearsing in Mitrovica and performing in several towns in Kosovo, a major step for the project and the city.

Summer Schools

Our annual summer school is a pivotal part of interethnic cooperation in Mitrovica. This seven-day program brings some 40 young musicians from north and south Mitrovica together to form new mixed bands or work more intensely with their existing mixed bands. The week ends with a major outdoor concert, with audience from north and south Mitrovica.