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As refugees arrive in increasing numbers in Europe, Musicians without Borders is building a program of support and solidarity. Our trainers and workshop leaders use the power of music to engage people living in emergency reception centers, building trust and connection among refugees, as well as with the local communities in which they are now located. Following our pilot project in the Netherlands, we’ve now expanded the Welcome Notes project to Italy and Germany and are focusing on providing training and creating connections between local musicians, organizations and refugee communities throughout Europe.


  • bring hope and comfort to those who have been driven from their homes by war;
  • build bridges and create solidarity in European communities;
  • provide a safe, fun, and supportive space for artistic expression and cultural exchange.
Photo copyright: Landesmusikakademie NRW. Pictures: Volker Beushausen
Training for Musicians

We offer training for musicians, music teachers and workshop leaders from all cultural backgrounds who wish to increase their ability to use music as a tool to work towards the social inclusion and support of refugees and newcomers. This training has been specially adapted from our advanced training course and offers the necessary skills to lead music workshops with refugees in European communities.

The following skills and subjects are addressed in the training:

  • Community music approaches to singing, (body) percussion, movement, songwriting
  • Trust-building and teamwork
  • Basic trauma awareness
  • Nonviolent communication and building empathy between participants
  • Nonverbal techniques for music making
  • Creativity and improvisation
  • Connection with organizations and initiatives working in local refugee centers and communities

Would you like to receive information on upcoming training opportunities? Send an email to: a.swinkels@mwb.ngo

We’re open to discussing the implementation of Welcome Notes training opportunities with partner organizations in other European countries. Please contact: a.swinkels@mwb.ngo


Musicians without Borders is proud to announce the launch of ART27, a platform for all artists and arts organizations for an open and welcoming Europe: art27.art

Throughout history, artists have contributed their vision, talent and expertise to creating diverse, inclusive attitudes in European societies. Today, alarmed by the increasing influence of fear and xenophobia in Europe, we launch ART27 as a platform to raise voices through the arts for social inclusion, for protection of the vulnerable and for honoring our culturally diverse societies.

We are a network of artists of all backgrounds, arts educators and arts organizations in Europe and we stand in solidarity with refugee artists, and dedicate our efforts – on the stage, in the gallery, in arts education, in the classroom, and in our wider communities – to further the social inclusion of newcomers and other vulnerable people in our diverse societies.

Join art27.art now!