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February 16, 2018
February 16, 2018

We invite musicians, bands, choirs and ensembles around the world to organize benefit concerts each year on or around June 21st to help raise funds and awareness for our work of healing and reconciliation through music.

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February 15, 2018
February 15, 2018

A blog from Isabel and Ella, on their experience of the first Music Therapy placement at Alive Medical Services, Kampala, Uganda.

February 15, 2018
February 15, 2018

“It woke me up in many ways. To more creativity, to really look at the other person, to see what space he or she needs. It was very refreshing.”

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Meet Saúl Gestoni, an arts teacher who joined our training program, Soy Música, in El Salvador.

We continue our work with deaf workshop leader Halimeh in 2018. In January, she gave a new series of music workshops to children and teenagers with special needs.

Our brilliant workshop leader Halimeh Sarabtah Deaf gave another series of music workshops in January to children and teenagers with special needs in the Ramallah district, Palestine. Using paper sheets and sticks, Halimeh creates a special music environment that can be enjoyed by both hearing and deaf people. Thank you Halimeh for your beautiful work!

February 10, 2018
February 10, 2018

Musicians without Borders is currently seeking volunteers to join our communications team, based in our Amsterdam office. Do you have one or more of the following skills?

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Proximity Mine, an ethnically mixed Ambassador Band of our Mitrovica Rock School, is launching its latest music video. Set Me Free was recorded in Vienna and directed, filmed and produced by HATCHED-MV.