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CONTACT Course Details

– Lecture, discussion and small group activities related to conflict analysis, social identity and conflict, peacebuilding interventions, post-conflict reconciliation, intercultural communications, gender and peacebuilding, mediation, negotiation, dialogue, policy advocacy, the arts and peacebuilding, non-violent social action, and monitoring and evaluation.
– Featured lecture on theory and practice of peacebuilding through the arts by MwB director Laura Hassler

WEEKS 2-3:
Choice of mini-electives (2.5 days each) on peacebuilding, including two MwB-led electives:

Elective 1: An introductory course to Musicians without Borders’ principles and methodology

This elective offers an introduction to the five principles of MwB’s community music training methodology: Safety, Inclusion, Equality, Creativity, and Quality. We will cover diverse approaches to community music making, including body percussion, drumming, singing, movement, and songwriting. No musical background/experience required.

Elective 2: Musicians without Borders’ Training of Workshop Leaders

This elective is open to musicians with interest or experience in leading community music workshops. The course covers pedagogical, didactic and musical skills related to the five principles of MwB’s community music training methodology and our approach of nonviolence in our work. The course offers hands-on experience in leading community music activities and their applications with diverse target groups.