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Fundraising for Musicians Without Borders

Terms and conditions

Thank you for your interest in supporting Musicians Without Borders’ (MWB) work. We work to create access to music-making for communities affected by war and armed conflict, guided by our working principles of safety, inclusion, equality, creativity, and quality.

These terms and conditions define the role of a fundraiser for MWB. As it is MWB’s policy to conduct our work in an honest and accountable manner, and in order to ensure the success of your initiative, we ask you to review and accept the following Terms and Conditions. MWB reserves the right to update these Terms & Conditions at any time.

1. Registration

We are grateful for your help in raising visibility and support for our work. To help us stay informed and able to assist you in promoting your initiative, we ask that you register your initiative online here.

MWB will review your registration and send you a confirmation if your initiative is approved.

2. Conduct

To ensure the safety of all participants and to uphold the name, image and reputation of MWB, we ask you to please respect these rules as part of your initiative:

  • No use of drugs under any circumstances,
  • Alcohol only where culturally appropriate, and where so, only in moderation- no drunkenness, under any circumstances,
  • Behave modestly (e.g. no loud or raucous behavior),
  • Photos and videos should only be taken with the express permission of the subjects. When referencing your event on social media and other public platforms, we ask you to convey a modest image (no references to sex, alcohol, drugs, etc.) and not make statements that endorse or denounce a particular culture, religion, or political orientation.

Please refer to our code of conduct for further guidance.

3. Use of logo/PR material

If your fundraising initiative is approved, you will receive permission to use MWB’s ‘in support of’ logo for the purposes of promoting your event. Any other use of material related to MWB’s work must be approved by an MWB representative and must not violate the privacy or property rights of others. If you have any questions regarding promotional material, please write [email protected].

4. Representation/Press

Please note that your role as a fundraiser for MWB is distinct from a partnership which requires an extensive due diligence process, and we therefore ask you to refrain from using the terms ‘partnership’ or ‘collaboration’ when referring to your fundraising initiative. You may however name MWB as the ‘beneficiary’ of your initiative.

Please contact [email protected] to request a media kit, guidelines, and speaking points, when presenting information about MWB. Only designated MWB representatives are authorized to speak to any press on behalf of MWB. Please refer press and other inquiries regarding MWB’s work to [email protected]

While it is not always possible to send an MWB representative to your event, we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

5. Promotion

As the benefit event sponsor, you and/or your organization are responsible for promotion and/or fundraising for your event. We will do our best to provide you support by providing you with any existing MWB promotional materials we have in-house (e.g. media kit, flyers).

6. Sponsorship

Any event sponsorship must be approved by MWB’s Head of Communications. Please note that MWB has a zero-tolerance policy for affiliation with companies whose activities are in violation of human rights, have a negative effect on the health or living conditions of others, and are involved in or benefiting from war/armed conflict, including the manufacturing or distribution of weapons.

7. Duration

Your initiative may last a maximum of six months unless MWB gives written permission to extend the action. MWB may withdraw permission at any time for an approved event if in violation with these Terms and Conditions or our Code of Conduct. If an action expires or MWB withdraws permission for an initiative, we ask that you withdraw any use of MWB’s name and logos.

8. Making a Donation

Please refer to our website for a description of the various ways you can make a donation. Donations should be made no later than four weeks following the end of your initiative unless otherwise agreed in writing. Please send an email confirming your donation to [email protected], or in the case of an ongoing initiative, please provide an update every quarter or half-year on the donations collected.

9. Legalities

It is important to ensure that your initiative is organized in compliance with local laws and health and safety regulations and to be aware that any costs involved are at your own expense and risk. In the unlikely event that something happens that may have an adverse effect during your initiative, please report it as soon as possible to [email protected]. MWB reserves the right to recover any damage it suffers as a result of violating these Terms and Conditions.

Most importantly, we wish you a fun and successful initiative! If you have any questions or need more information, you are welcome to contact us at any time: [email protected]