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Mitrovica Rock School

Our first success towards founding the school was a summer camp on ‘neutral territory’ in Skopje, in neighboring North-Macedonia. In just 8 days, ethnically mixed bands worked with local musicians and trainers from Fontys Rockacademie towards a beautiful concert in the city park. Just two months after the Summer School, in 2008,  the school opened. 

Mitrovica Rock School now works on both sides of the city, bringing back a rock music tradition that’s been a source of pride for everyone in Mitrovica. The school connects Serb and Albanian teenagers through mixed bands, and supports their self-expression through modern pop music education. The curriculum was developed in collaboration with Fontys Rockacademie, who to this day partner with us by sending both teachers and students to Mitrovica and Skopje to exchange knowledge and experience. 

These days, bands no longer have to go to Skopje to work together. Along with regular rehearsals and mixed workshops, we organize training weeks for mixed bands, and over the past two years, we’ve worked to make our dream of a professional studio in the school a reality.