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At the weekend, a new training course in MwB Community Music Leadership began in Rwanda’s Eastern Province, led entirely by a team of Rwandan musicians and community leaders trained by Musicians without Borders.
The trainees are 20 community members (aged 13-50) who are engaged with supporting young people facing limited opportunities due to poverty, illiteracy, rural unemployment, gender based violence, and formerly living as street children.
This training shares the skills and experience developed since 2010 at our partner WE-ACTx for Hope, and is organised with the organisation Ready for Reading.

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This year marks the first MwB training course delivered entirely by our Rwandan team. Yves and Espoir are working as lead trainers, alongside a team of experienced music leaders. They are training a group of 15 young people to use music to benefit 100s of vulnerable children.

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On Tuesday, April 5th, we concluded a year-long community music training for 30 Burundian youth living in the largest refugee camp in Rwanda, home to 50,000 refugees, of whom more than 30,000 are children.

On their graduation day they performed and worked with thousands of children in an uplifting event.

As MwB Community Music Leaders, they now bring hope, healing, and joy every day to the thousands of children at Mahama refugee camp. With music.

Please help us raise EUR 6000 by the end of April to sustain this program:

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We’re training 30 Burundian refugees to become Community Music Leaders in the largest refugee camp in Rwanda, home to 50,000 people, over 30,000 of whom are children and youth.

They are learning how to use music to connect, heal and give hope to thousands of children in Mahama Refugee Camp.

This is the fourth and last training week. We’re working with the trainees for 4 days, preparing them to run a community music event for all the camp’s children!

Improving their improvisation skills, they learn ways to tap into their creativity, think outside the box, and create a safe environment for the children for creativity and expression.

Please support our work by securing the future of this program and give today:

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We explained to the trainees that the next day we would work with children from the village, and they would lead workshops of drumming, songwriting and movement. Stage one of the workshops would be to go into the community and talk with the children and their families and to invite them to participate. The result was 80 children, including street children and homeless youth, singing and smiling in community music-making.

This was the practical experience assignment during the third week of training for this group of trainees. The trainees are from Burundi, living in Rwanda as refugees at Mahama camp.

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This week MwB Community Music Leaders have given music workshops for 200 young refugees as part of our outreach program.
These photos show both the joy and the conditions experienced in workshops at Mugombwa refugee camp.

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During the second week of their training, 30 trainees from Burundi living as refugees in Rwanda practiced their new skills as Community Music Leaders.

On the 4th day they worked with children from their community in Mahama refugee camp, writing songs, playing movement games, singing, and dancing.

#MusicConnects #PeaceEveryDay

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Yesterday we began the second week of training in Community Music Leadership for a group of 30 people from Burundi living as refugees in Rwanda, at Mahama camp.

Danny, our trainer, wrote: “I’m so inspired. Many of the 30 young Burundian refugees that I teach this week are called Community Mobilizers. They work with hundreds of children DAILY at the refugee camp. There are more than 30,000 children in the refugee camp, and these young leaders are determined to reach every single child, and bring them the joy of music.

For the past two days, we danced, sang, drummed, and learned about issues of safety, behavior, and setting rules. Tomorrow we will practice songwriting, and plan their workshops with the children on Friday.”

Help us support the team of Community Music Leaders in Rwanda:

#PeaceEveryDay #MusicConnects

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