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From Woman to Woman

From Woman to Woman uses music to support the healing process of women who were victims of war and/or domestic violence in Bosnia-Herzegovina, in cooperation with local partner Snaga Žene (BiH).  While the project officially concluded in 2015, both the choir and selected activities in refugee camps continue to operate.


"The pain is gone."•• Workshop Participant

The 1995 genocide in Srebrenica left thousands of women alone and grieving for their men and boys. Many were themselves victims of (sexual) violence, displacement and other traumatic experiences. In communities like Potočari (the scene of a mass murder in 1995) and the villages and collective settlements around Tuzla where Bosniak refugees are still living, women still live with unimaginable grief and loss. This affects not only themselves, but also their children and other family members, their neighbors and the surrounding community.

From Woman to Woman addresses the problem of isolation by providing a way for Bosnian women musicians and dancers to offer their professional skills and their compassionate support to their countrywomen.

The project is built on a solid collaboration between Musicians without Borders and Snaga Žene, an organization that offers psychological, social, medical, pedagogical and legal support to women, children and adolescents (refugees, returnees and displaced persons) who suffered different traumatic experiences during and after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).



From Woman to Woman produced a pool of trained local workshop leaders to lead music and dance workshops and activities with women who are still haunted by traumatic experiences of violence, dislocation and loss of loved ones during the ethnic ‘cleansing’ especially in the Srebrenica region.  Parallel with the didactic/ artistic/ therapeutic training, the project focused on creating a local project management team with skills in organization, logistics, public relations, communication and fundraising.

The following activities were planned between May 2013 – May 2014 in order to achieve the objectives of the project:

  • Build upon the pilot projects that MwB has already implemented together with Snaga Žene, the local partner, and further train the women who volunteered for these projects and who wish to be involved as choir singers;
  • Recruit additional local professional musicians and provide training for them;
  • Recruit other women singers for the choir and/or collaborate with other existing choirs;
  • Together with the choir members, establish a repertoire and record performances in order to promote them through different networks and social media outlets;
  • Conduct weekly workshops connected with Snaga Žene’s activities in Srebrenica and Potočari, introducing music and movement therapy.
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July 14, 2010
Roses for Srebrenica

From Woman To Woman (Od Zene Do Zene) is carried out by Musicians without Borders and the Bosnian women’s organization Snaga Žene.

March 8, 2014
From Woman to Woman | Music To Help Heal War Wounds

From Woman to Woman is a collaborative project between Musicians without Borders (Netherlands) and Snaga Žene (meaning ‘Women Power’) based in Bośnia i Hercegovina. The project uses music to address severe, persistent war-related trauma among women in Eastern Bosnia.

Iulia Socea
Project Manager
Marijke Smedema
Lis Murphy
Daniela Micevic Dedovic
Program Manager, Snaga Zene
Almerisa Delic
Music Activities Coordinator
Partner Organizations
Snaga Žene
Local implementing partner organisation. Supervision of the choir activities and music therapy of the activities with the women involved  of the "From Woman to Woman" project