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Music Bridge

Since the initial implementation phase of the training project concluded in
2017, a series of sub-projects within Music Bridge have been developed and
implemented under the Cultúrlann’s leadership together with MWB Trainer and local project manager Amanda Koser-Gillespie for local community groups.

Amanda runs regular community music workshops for teenagers and adults with special needs in single identity and mixed identity communities, members of local communities who have been affected by the legacy of The Troubles, working with single identity and mixed identity schools (primary and post-primary) and adults in mental health treatment. There are occasional guest workshops and speaking engagements with both local and cross-border colleges and universities.

Research report on the 2017 Music Bridge training program, published as part of a multi-year research project with Queen’s University Belfast

Music Bridge webpage on Cultúrlann’s website

For inquiries about the project, please contact Meagan Hughes at [email protected]