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Rwanda Youth Music

Incorporating music education into the program, raising the standard of musical knowledge and instrumental skills in the team of young music leaders, has expanded the breadth of their community music-making. They are able to incorporate harmony in singing; they can teach instruments as part of group activities; and their rhythmic and melodic work has become compelling and engaging.

Espoir demonstrates an improvised solo to his students.

A weekly program of on-going music training has been running at the Oakdale Kigali Music School since 2011, with the aim to enhance the breadth of work of our team of Community Music Leaders. Three Rwandan musicians teach the young music leaders guitar, piano, drums, vocal skills, and song-writing. The professional musicians also receive lessons in their instruments from Musicians without Borders, and are supported in developing their pedagogical skills.
The program has also led to employment for 7 young people, with other community-based organizations, including pre-schools, secondary schools, and two centres for former street children. The income from this work finances their own education, and helps support younger siblings and families.