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Rwanda Youth Music

In May 2017, in Kigali we began the first Community Music Leadership training fully facilitated by a Rwandan training team. Two professional musicians, Yves and Espoir, work with experienced Community Music Leaders, and deliver the complete Musicians without Borders curriculum. This is the realisation of our trainees to trainers model.

In Uganda: Rwandan Community Music Leader working as an assistant trainer

The first group of Community Music Leaders in Rwanda began training with Musicians without Borders in 2011. They embraced the skills quickly, giving support to 100s of children in their communities through music-making. An outreach program, working with children across Rwanda expanded their experience and skills further. Weekly music lessons built their knowledge. In 2015 when we began a new training program in Moshi, Tanzania, we invited some of the Rwandan Community Music Leaders to come and share their knowledge and their culture. This was the first time we had employed our Rwandan team as assistant trainers.

The success in Tanzania led us to replicate the model in future trainings in Rwanda and recently in Uganda. Last year two of the team travelled to the Netherlands to attend and international Musicians without Borders Training of Trainers. This year, two more will make the trip – hopefully including Leontine.

Leontine was one of the first group of trainees in Rwanda. She has gone on to be employed as a music teacher at a local pre-school. She has worked as a trainer for Musicians without Borders in Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Here she is in 2014, explaining some of her story: