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Music Bridge Northern Ireland

Amanda leading a community music workshop at Culturlann Ui Chanain, Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland

The aim of the Music Bridge program is to create a sustainable community music service in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Following the first training year, we invited Amanda Koser-Gillespie, one of our graduated trainees, to attend our Training of Trainers in the Netherlands, to prepare her with the necessary skills to serve as the first local assistant trainer in the Music Bridge program. Amanda has now assisted and led training weeks alongside her role as the local music coach, providing weekly support for our trainees and coordinating music workshops for schools and community groups.

Amanda: “I found that while working in (music) education and peacebuilding, my emotional and pedagogical tools begin to show their wear and tear over time. I have participated in other projects with MwB that have helped to restock some of the tools needed so that I may continue working in this field. The ‘Training of Trainers’ allowed me to walk into the woods, plant the seeds, cultivate the growth and reshape the tools I can pass on to others the way some were passed onto to me.”