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Mitrovica Rock School

The Mitrovica Rock School first developed traineeships in response to gaps in the employment market. In a medium-sized town whose cultural scene had been devastated by the war, it was simply impossible to find qualified teachers in bass guitar and pop vocals. On the other hand we had students who were so advanced in those skills that we could not offer them any program, so the first traineeships were born. Since then, the Mitrovica Rock School enrolled 17 of its students in traineeships, nine of whom graduated into staff positions. Former student-trainees hold central positions on the Rock School’s faculty and management. Other former trainees have gone on to professional musicianship and other professional positions.

Emir (center) during sound engineering traineeship 2011

After participating in several Rock School activities, Emir Hasani (1992) started as a trainee sound engineer in 2011, studying studio recording and live sound engineering with various trainers from the Fontys Rockacademie (NL). While his main instrument is the guitar, Emir developed as a multi-instrumentalist and was assessed by the Rockacademie as suitable to teach keyboard, vocals, and music theory. He graduated into a full teaching position in 2015, and was recruited as a project manager in 2016. Emir was in the Rock School’s longest running ethnically mixed band, the Artchitects, alongside three other former student-trainees who are now teachers at the Rock School. He is currently finalizing his studies in formal music education and pedagogy.

Emir (center) coaching mixed band Morana in 2017

Emir: “The Mitrovica Rock School influenced me both professionally and personally. It gave me the opportunity to learn and teach music, meet lot of different people and develop myself in different fields. It makes me proud to see our students grow into real musicians and change our city for the better.”