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Community Music

Community music-making is based on working together to create music, giving each participant the opportunity to develop his/her own musical potential within the context of a supportive group environment.

Making music together allows us to renegotiate our personal, cultural, and social borders so that the possibility of connecting to another person is possible. Music is flexible – it’s fast, slow, loud, soft, frantic, and structured. When we play music, we too become more flexible in the way we think, the way we react, our willingness to accept the things we cannot control, and to take responsibility for our part in the larger picture.

In Bosnia, Palestine, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, The Netherlands and Northern Ireland, MwB has trained more than 300 local musicians and talented youth and adults as community music leaders, capable of organizing and delivering community music workshops and activities for children and adults in their own and other communities.

Many of our trainers have extensive experience in other regions working with a broad range of target groups and issues. We have now adapted our training for use with refugee populations in Europe. We also offer advanced community music training courses to both community and professional musicians; since 2015, we have trained more than 100 musicians working in communities in i.a. South Africa, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico, Korea, Iceland, Ireland, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Italy, Kenya, Rwanda, Israel, Palestine, Switzerland and Sudan.