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‘As an opera singer, I experience the power of music daily. My support for Musicians Without Borders stems from my heartfelt desire for people living with the misery caused by war to also experience the connecting and healing power that music offers.’

 – Eva-Maria Westbroek, Ambassador of Musicians without Borders, Honorary Chair 88 Keys

What is 88 Keys?

88 Keys is a group of people who form the foundation of core support for Musicians without Borders. Their support makes it possible for the organization to continue its work. Each Key contributes an annual donation of € 1.000,- or more, with a pledge of a minimum period of 5 years. With their structural support, 88 Keys provides Musicians Without Borders with a secure base which ensures the sustainability of its projects.

As a Key, you will be invited regularly for special concerts, presentations or personal encounters with our musicians, project managers, and ambassadors. Above all, you will have the satisfaction that you are part of our network of core support, making all of our work possible.

Tax Deduction

For residents of the Netherlands, Musicians Without Borders is registered with the tax authorities as an ‘ANBI’. All gifts to Musicians Without Borders are therefore tax-deductible. In addition, the law governing gifts to cultural organizations gives a tax deduction for pledges of 5 years or more of 125%. Please contact us for more information.

For United States residents, tax-deductible gifts to Musicians Without Borders can be made through our fiscal partner, FOR USA.

Become a Member of 88 Keys

Join 88 Keys today and send an email to Laura Hassler at: [email protected]