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More Ways to Support Our Work

Find out more ways you can get involved and support our work.

Listen to, share, and buy music from our projects on Bandcamp.

  • Support us for free just by shopping online! Register at and generate funds now:
  • Get your own web hosting from Cloudways. Musicians without Borders receives credits that help us pay for the hosting of this website
Join 88 Keys

‘As an opera singer, I experience the power of music daily. My support for Musicians Without Borders stems from my heartfelt desire for people living with the misery caused by war to also experience the connecting and healing power that music offers.’

 – Eva-Maria Westbroek, Ambassador of Musicians without Borders, Honorary Chair 88 Keys


What is 88 Keys?

88 Keys is a group of people who form the foundation of core support for Musicians without Borders. Their support makes it possible for the organization to continue its work. Each Key contributes an annual donation of € 1.000,- or more, with a pledge of a minimum period of 5 years. With their structural support, 88 Keys provides Musicians Without Borders with a secure base which ensures the sustainability of its projects.

As a Key, you will be invited regularly for special concerts, presentations or personal encounters with our musicians, project managers, and ambassadors. Above all, you will have the satisfaction that you are part of our network of core support, making all of our work possible.

Tax Deduction

For residents of the Netherlands, Musicians Without Borders is registered with the tax authorities as an ‘ANBI’. All gifts to Musicians Without Borders are therefore tax-deductible. In addition, the law governing gifts to cultural organizations gives a tax deduction for pledges of 5 years or more of 125%. Please contact us for more information.

For United States residents, tax-deductible gifts to Musicians Without Borders can be made through our fiscal partner, FOR USA.

Become a Member of 88 Keys

Join 88 Keys today and send an email to Laura Hassler at: [email protected]



Make a peaceful world your legacy.

When you include Musicians without Borders in your will, you leave more than just money. Your legacy will be the message that the world should be a more peaceful place and that it is within reach. We will bestow your legacy according to your wishes to the best of our ability.

How can you include Musicians Without Borders in your will?

To include Musicians Without Borders in your will you only need to make a detailed description of your wishes and include it in your will. You have several options:

1. Leave Musicians without Borders a bequest.

When you leave a bequest you leave a specific amount of money, or a specific asset such as real estate, jewelry or artwork.

2. Appoint Musicians without Borders as one of your heirs.

The second option is to appoint Musicians without Borders as one of your beneficiaries. This way, Musicians without Borders has a right to a percentage of your heritage, next to other heirs such as children and/or other family members. In your will you then register the exact percentage you would like Musicians Without Borders to receive.

3. Appoint Musicians without Borders as your only heir.

The third option is to leave your entire heritage to Musicians without Borders. In this way, your assets will be dedicated to supporting our worldwide activities.

Depending on your personal situation Musicians Without Borders, as the sole heir, can also fulfill the role of executor and settle the inheritance.

Exempt from inheritance tax

Heirs are normally bound to pay inheritance tax over the received heritage. Musicians Without Borders however, being designated as a ‘Public Benefit Organisation’ by the Dutch Tax Administration, is exempt from this tax. As a result, your entire heritage can be dedicated to supporting our activities.

Want to know more? Need assistance?

Are you considering leaving (a part of) your heritage to Musicians Without Borders? Please contact us. We would be happy to provide you with the information you need to come to a well-informed decision. Call us: +31 (0) 20-3305012 or send us an email:[email protected]

Which information does my notary need?

To include Musicians Without Borders in your will, your notary will need the following information:

Name: Stichting Musicians Without Borders
Established: Amsterdam
Office: Tolhuisweg 1, 1031 CL Amsterdam
Chamber of Commerce number: 34107061
Account number: IBAN: NL43 TRIO 0390 2715 86

Instrument Fund

Donate musical instruments and/or equipment to MWB’s Instrument Fund. Second-hand instruments are currently placed with our Palestine Community Music program, which operates in partnership with Sounds of Palestine and our Mitrovica Rock School.

To donate musical instruments or equipment, please contact Instrument Fund Coordinator, Irma Kort at:

[email protected]

Please note that donations of instruments at this moment only possible in the Netherlands.

Instrument Fund Volunteers

The fund has been made possible thanks to the help of many, generous individuals, associations and foundations who donate their instruments, instrument builders and restorers who donate their time and expertise and friends and colleagues who help transport instruments free of charge.

Thank you for your donation!
Friends of Musicians Without Borders

Our programs bring lasting positive change because we invest time, energy and patience to make them sustainable and locally-owned.

Long-term investments in local communities need a steady base of support. We appeal to our friends around the world to help us build this base.

Please consider becoming a Friend of Musicians Without Borders to help us make every day a day of peace and music.

How do I become a Friend?

You become a Friend of Musicians Without Borders with your pledge of $5 or more per month, for a minimum period of one year.

How your donation will be used

Your donation will contribute to the development and sustainability of our projects and programs around the world. It will help us to plan ahead, improve our methods and deliver more meaningful programs to bring music every day to those who need it most.

I would like to become a Friend of Musicians Without Borders:

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