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Your Legacy

Make a peaceful world your legacy.

When you include Musicians without Borders in your will, you leave more than just money. Your legacy will be the message that the world should be a more peaceful place and that it is within reach.We will bestow your legacy according to your wishes to the best of our ability.

How can you include Musicians Without Borders in your will?

Toinclude Musicians Without Borders in your will you only need to make a detailed description of your wishes and include it in your will. You have several options:

1. Leave Musicians without Borders a bequest.

When you leave a bequest you leave a specific amount of money, or a specific asset such as real estate, jewelry or artwork.

2. Appoint Musicians without Borders as one of your heirs.

The second option is to appoint Musicians without Borders as one of your beneficiaries. This way, Musicians without Borders has a right to a percentage of your heritage, next to other heirs such as children and/or other family members. In your will you then register the exact percentage you would like Musicians Without Borders to receive.

3. Appoint Musicians without Borders as your only heir.

The third option is to leave your entire heritage to Musicians without Borders. In this way, your assets will be dedicated to supporting our worldwide activities.

Depending on your personal situation Musicians Without Borders, as the sole heir, can also fulfill the role of executor and settle the inheritance.

Exempt from inheritance tax

Heirs are normally bound to pay inheritance tax over the received heritage. Musicians Without Borders however, being designated as a ‘Public Benefit Organisation’ by the Dutch Tax Administration, is exempt from this tax. As a result, your entire heritage can be dedicated to supporting our activities.

Want to know more? Need assistance?

Are you considering leaving (a part of) your heritage to Musicians Without Borders? Please contact us. We would be happy to provide you with the information you need to come to a well-informed decision. Call us: +31 (0) 20-3305012 or send us an email:[email protected]

Which information does my notary need?

To include Musicians Without Borders in your will, your notary will need the following information:

Name: Stichting Musicians Without Borders
Established: Amsterdam
Office: Tolhuisweg 1, 1031 CL Amsterdam
Chamber of Commerce number: 34107061
Account number: IBAN: NL43 TRIO 0390 2715 86