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Safety is a guiding principle that steers our work with communities affected by war and armed conflict: to ensure a safe space for everyone who participates in our programs.

The safeguarding of our staff and program participants is not only inherent in our guiding principles, but also informs the daily operations of our organization. As we work on a daily basis with vulnerable children and adults who are in or at risk of becoming involved in abusive, exploitative or dangerous situations, we are committed to safeguarding as a fundamental element of our organizational culture in order to protect the rights of our participants and to ensure their well-being.

At Musicians Without Borders, we ensure a culture of safeguarding through:
  • An appointed safeguarding team within the organization;
  • The implementation of a Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct;
  • Access to safeguarding resources and training for our staff, trainers and participants;
  • Assessment of our staff, trainers and volunteers for suitability for working with children and vulnerable adults through reference and background checks;
  • Ensuring that staff, trainers, volunteers and participants know the appropriate reporting procedure for safeguarding issues;
  • Protecting our staff and participants’ identity and personal information through secure data systems and informed consent processes;
  • Conducting risk assessments in advance of our program activities.

We recognize that safeguarding is a practice that needs to be given regular attention and we invite the feedback of our participants, supporters and stakeholders on the effectiveness of our efforts and practices.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to safeguarding within our programs, you are welcome to contact Meagan Hughes, Designated Safeguarding Lead: [email protected]

Download our full Safeguarding Policy & Procedures here