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Information on Stichting Musicians Without Borders' Public Benefit Organization status (Dutch: ANBI status)

Stichting Musicians Without Borders

Chamber of Commerce registration number: 34107061

RSIN number: 809384322

Post/visiting address
Tolhuisweg 1
1031 CL Amsterdam

Email address
[email protected]

Telephone number
+31 (0) 20 3305012

Periodic Gift Agreement (Overeenkomst periodieke gift in geld)

Registering your recurring donation with a “Periodic Gift Agreement” offers additional tax benefits in the Netherlands. If you want to register your recurring donation, we ask you to download this agreement , complete and sign it digitally and email it back to [email protected] Alternatively you can print this agreement , fill it out, scan it, and email it back to [email protected]

We take care of the rest.

*Due to the current Corona crisis we are unable to access our office and are taking care of this process digitally.

Tax-deductible gifts

Read more information about tax-deductible gifts to Musicians Without Borders in the Netherlands here


Use this calculator for an example of your own tax benefits in the Netherlands.

Tax-deductible gifts for U.S. residents

For United States residents, tax-deductible gifts to Musicians Without Borders can be made through our fiscal partner, FOR USA

Musicians Without Borders’ Articles of Confederation

Statuten (Nederlands)

MWB Articles (English)

Mission & Goals

MWB Media Kit

Strategic Plan

MWB Strategic Plan 2020-2022

Annual & Financial Report

Annual Report 2020

Financial Report 2020

ANBI information form

Information form 2020

Supervisory Board
Laila Abid, Chair
Eduard Nazarski
Leslie Snider
Heba El-Kholy
Bertus Borgers
Peter de Nooij
Charmayne Sijm

Human Resources policies
Musicians Without Borders’ human resources policy is as follows:

  • The foundation is not affiliated with a collective agreement, but accepts the guidelines of the collective labor agreement (CAO Welzijn) in principle as a standard for determining salaries;
  • The ability to follow these guidelines is however dependent on the availability of sufficient (raised) funds;
  • In any case, the level of salaries will never be higher than as indicated in the collective agreement (CAO Welzijn)