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About Us

Established in May 1999 by founder and director Laura Hassler, and registered as a charitable foundation in 2000, Musicians Without Borders is the world’s pioneer in using music for peacebuilding and social change.

Laura mobilized her network of socially conscious musicians to create an organization dedicated to using music to bridge divides, connect communities and heal the wounds of war. The organization’s first long term project, the Music Bus, brought music, dance and theater to children in Srebrenica and its neighboring towns and refugee camps.

Following the success of the Music Bus, Musicians Without Borders was invited to conferences and cultural events in Kosovo and in Palestine, which would later lead to two of its founding programs, the Mitrovica Rock School and Palestine Community Music. In the years that followed, Musicians Without Borders expanded to include programs in Central Eastern Africa, Central America and Europe.

Today, Musicians Without Borders engages with artists, social activists and communities worldwide. We share expertise as we work to enable musicians to be advocates, activists, teachers, and performers, with the message: War Divides, Music Connects.

International Office
Laura Hassler
Founder and Director
Chris Nicholson
Program Development Manager, Regional Manager (East Africa) & MEL Lead 
Wendy Hassler-Forest
Strategic Development Manager, Program Manager & Regional Representative, SE Europe
Ilaria Modugno
Head of Finance
Meagan Hughes
Operations & Training Coordinator, Director's Assistant
Anna Rose Swinkels
Office Support
Eefje Wevers
Communications & Project Support Officer
Otto de Jong
Head of Training Development
Amanda Koser-Gillespie
Head of Curriculum Development & Project Manager, Music Bridge
Sylvia Mannaerts
Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Officer
Bregje van Bemmel
Financial Administrator
Lucy Little
Irma Kort
Instrument Fund Coordinator
Maryana Golovchenko
art27 secretariat
Gail Babb
Safeguarding Consultant
Ed Holland
Mitrovica Rock School, West Balkans
Emir Hasani
Director of Programs, Mitrovica Rock School
Milizza Kosova
Director of Operations, Mitrovica Rock School
Palestine Community Music, Palestine
Fabienne van Eck
Program Manager, Palestine Community Music & Regional Representative
Rwanda Youth Music, Rwanda
Allison Shyaka
Rwanda Youth Music Program Officer
Rinske Bakker
Soy Música, El Salvador
Miguel Ortega
Program Manager, Soy Música
Marina Liébana
Project Support Officer
Darren Abrahams
Chris Colleye
Rukengeza Espoir
Marion Haak-Schulenburg
Manu van Kersbergen
Sherwin Kirindongo
Paolo Rossetti Murittu
Marijke Smedema
Emma Smith
Christa Tinari
Hanno Tomassen
Kana Yves Nzeyimana
Jose Pepe Garcia
Alejandro Arrate Fernandez
Gregor Schulenburg
Jim Pinchen
Ryuko Reid
Zaynab Wilson
Juan Garzon
Supervisory Board
Laïla Abid
Interim Chair
Eduard Nazarski
Board Member
Leslie Snider
Board Member
Bertus Borgers
Board Member
Heba El-Kholy
Board Member
Pieter de Nooij
Board Member
In Kind Donors & Sponsorship
Project Partners
Rwanda Youth Music Donors
Mitrovica Rock School Donors
Palestine Community Music Donors
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