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If you would like to donate orchestral instruments or band equipment that do not appear on the lists, we may be able to help identify a new owner or a worthy cause. In the past, we were able to help an advanced student from Bosnia-Herzogovina to obtain a professional oboe and help the music school in Banja Luka to begin an oboe class using oboe donations from The Netherlands and England.

Donations of good string instruments are regularly directed to students in Bosnia-Herzogovina and Serbia. Please contact i.kort@musicianswithoutborders.org for more information.

Instrument Fund Volunteers
The fund has been made possible thanks to the help of many, generous individuals, associations and foundations who donate their instruments, instrument builders and restorers who donate their time and expertise and friends and colleagues who help transport instruments free of charge.

Irma Kort, i.kort@musicianswithoutborders.org or www.irmakort.nl

Emmeke Bressers, http://www.bressers-reparatie.nl
Atelier Pfeiffer, http://www.musicallin.nl
Heleen Kuiper, violin teacher at the International School of The Hague Malcolm Davies Music Centre

Luc Kossen, Bulgarije Shop Amsterdam, http://www.luckossen.nl

Advice on the instrument quality and state of repair
Arne Visser (conductor, tuba player)
Marc Kaptijn (trumpet player)
Heleen Kuiper (violinist)