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WHO WE ARE (2:53)
‘You may be poor, you may only have a ramshackle house, you may have lost your job, but that song gives you hope.’
Nelson Mandela

Where war has raged, people need everything to return to life: food, water, shelter, clothing, medicine. But more than anything, people need hope. To reconcile, people need empathy. To heal, people need connection and community.

Music creates empathy, builds connection and gives hope.

Who We Are
‘If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.’
Jimi Hendrix

Since 1999, we’ve been using the power of music for peace-building, connecting people, empowering musicians as social activists, and training local youth as change-makers.

Our long-term commitment allows our participants the time to develop skills and talents, process grief and loss, and build bridges of reconciliation in societies divided by recent or ongoing conflict.

Our mission is to bridge divides, connect communities, and heal the wounds of war using the power of music.
•• stay up-to-date with our programs, stories and music.
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January 19, 2018 program news
Chloe Trujillo, well-known artist and wife to Metallica’s bass player, Robert Trujillo, has designed a guitar strap, with Musicians without Borders as her charity of choice
January 8, 2018 program news
Those who like millions of Salvadorans have been impacted by war know that the mere absence of physical violence is a poor substitute for true peace.
December 30, 2017 press release
‘The Carol That Never Was Sung’ told of a song that somehow never managed to show up in time to help celebrate the birth of ‘the child’: each year, it had met someone who was lost, imprisoned, at war, exiled, or orphaned-- and had always stopped to bring the consolation of music, and was therefore too late. “But next year”, the carol promises…
December 25, 2017 program news
We would like to share some highlights from our Rwanda Youth Music program in 2017.