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our work > news > September 13: International Meetup in the Tolhuistuin #1
September 13: International Meetup in the Tolhuistuin #1
August 1, 2021  

We invite you to join us for the first of four meet-ups in the Tolhuistuin, to explore how music can make a life-changing difference for people affected by war and armed conflict, how music can be an agent for inclusion and social change, and to reflect on a deeper commitment to systemic change through the arts.

The evening starts with a presentation by Musicians Without Borders director Laura Hassler and art27 coordinator Maryana Golovchenko on artists in solidarity with refugees in Europe. Afterwards, moderator Otto de Jong will open the floor to the audience for an interactive discussion.

Laura Hassler is founder and director of Musicians Without Borders. Born and raised in New York, she was active in US civil rights and peace movements. She studied cultural anthropology and music, then worked for social change organizations in the US and Europe.

Mayranka Golovchenko is a musician, festival maker, teacher and researcher in the field of culture specialising in international crossover music and cultural projects. Originally from Ukraine, she coordinates art27 – a platform for artists, educators, and organisations in the arts that stand for promoting social inclusion and protecting vulnerable people through the arts in Europe and beyond.

For more information and to get tickets, please visit the event page on the website of the Tolhuistuin.

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