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Becoming a community music leader in Rwanda
June 11, 2020   Rwanda

Musicians Without Borders established Rwanda Youth Music in 2012 at the invitation of local partner WE-ACTx for Hope to support the needs of children and young people living with HIV. This blog is from a young woman who has been part of the program since the beginning.

I am going to share with you my journey before I got into music and after.

Before I joined Musicians Without Borders I was that person who was always depressed and felt lonely. I didn’t want to be around people, my thoughts were dark. No positive thought crossed my mind. Life was bitter. Everyone judged me. It felt like no one loved me. I was lonely and I felt ugly and unattractive.

One day I received a call that Musicians Without Borders was training. I started meeting people. I was nervous meeting with people but my first day in the training was amazing, the trainers were so lovely and they had welcoming hands. They smiled at me and kept telling me that I was important. That made me come a bit closer to other people.

I was trained and I became a community music leader, then I started to help children that felt like me. I loved helping others because I know how being depressed feels like or how to not feel loved feels like.

In Musicians Without Borders they kept training me, in the process I learned piano (which I’m still learning), and I received other musical training. Now with other community music leaders we train other people from different parts of Africa, we share our experience and it is more powerful if you are sharing what you experience.

In the process of giving these trainings we get lots of friends and sometimes share our personal experience before being trained or receiving a workshop. I find this very useful because it reminds me of myself before music, sometimes you just wish to be with someone who won’t judge you but rather listen – just listen – and music makes that possible.

Apart from this, in the workshops or trainings I give, I get some money which I later use for my personal needs and the feeling of using this money is beyond joy. I consider this money the blessed money; the person who received the workshop or training is happy, I’m happy, and at the end the people who gave the money are also happy because it was used to change more lives positively.

Some names and identifying details have been removed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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